Some Laptop AutoPsys

Inspired by the project Effeuillage d’Ordinateur by Annie abramams, and Nancy Mauro Flude feminist approach of toy opening, as describred “Linux for Theatre Makers: Embodiment & Nix Modus Operandi (FLOSS+ART, 2008), SomeLaptop AutoPsys questions the relation we have to our own computer, through an intimate dissection among electonics fragilities, mysteris and discoveries.

If computers are extension of (wo)man, are we allowed to open them up and understand the way they work ?

An Hp dissection

A first delicious attempt in Berlin summer 2012

The FemHack experiment

A collective feminist experiment happened at FemHack 17 novembre, at foufem.

The EcoHacking exploration

July 24, 2014, New Delhi, NewYork State



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