• sensing a constellation
  • Ourcollnectiveminds : 2008-2018
  • Hardware stories , Ministry of Hacking, Octobre 2015

Sensing a constellation

sensing a constellation

Sensing a constellation aims to create a sensitive interface, to navigate a database of feminist healing decolonial hacking practices and to document their traces.

This explorations involves meeting, reading, hearing, connecting dots and playing with forms of displaying this constellation.

To constellate is a practice that allows us to make sense, to align ourselves (Estela López Solís) and eventually to add stars in a sky already deprived of light (Adrienne Maree Brown, citing Martin Luther King). A constellation is an ensemble of stars. From a situated knowledge position, the stars appear visibly close for civilizations to draw links between them by creating meaningful shapes. We ask: how can contemporary technofeminism generate a constellation of hopes, solidarities, and intersectional practices in order to dance forward a desirable future?


Inspired by wiki socio-cognitive structures, the Glass PlateGame, Mind Maps and Open Space, Our Collnnective Minds is a participative, low tech and immersive installation which invites the participants to play & discuss concepts and relations between them.

Hardware Stories

Hardware stories is a research and creation project about the material and mineral origines of our electronics, their condition of production , and their destination.

Our computers deals with immaterial – speech, thoughts, knowledge. We see them as cultural goods. therefor we think they are themself, immaterial.

From violent extraction in african mines where rape culture is dominant,
to poisonous soldering and repetitive assembling in asian compagnies
the workers and makers of our every day electronics material are underpaid and live under several physical and psychological threats.