Entre les 0 et les 1 – Between 0&1
 2014 may 22-21
Un projet de l’ERSE

after consumerism world collapsed, a reapropriation of our electronic devices and our human bodies becomes necessary. A virus has attacked all new generation computers, smartphones, tablets with most features becoming unusable.  This series of 4x3hrs workshops looks at how to reconnect with your machine from an embodied awareness

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Attent!on som(et)actics
 un projet de workingstill-stillworking

Série d’ateliers supportant une réflexion et des propositions émancipatrices sur l’attention portée à notre corps dans nos rapports (intimistes, libérateurs, créatifs ou contraignants) à nos outils de communication.
Attent!ion Som(t)a(c)tic is a workshop serie to reflect upon our physical and physiological relationships toward our communication tools.


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Some Laptop AutoPsys

Inspired by the project Effeuillage d’Ordinateur by Annie abramams, and Nancy Mauro Flude feminist approach of toy opening, as describred “Linux for Theatre Makers: Embodiment & Nix Modus Operandi (FLOSS+ART, 2008), SomeLaptop AutoPsys questions the relation we have to our own computer, through an intimate dissection among electonics fragilities, mysteris and discoveries.

If computers are extension of (wo)man, are we allowed to open them up and understand the way they work ?

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