Entre les 0 et les 1 – Between 0 & 1

 2014 may 22-21
Un projet de l’ERSE

Ateliers donnés à l’école des Médias de l’UQAM, dans le cadre du festival Sight+Sound : Science Faction les Mercredi 21 et jeudi 22 mai 2014

After consumerism world collapsed, a reapropriation of our electronic devices and our human bodies becomes necessary. A virus has attacked all new generation computers, smartphones, tablets with most features becoming unusable.  This series of 4x3hrs workshops looks at how to reconnect with your machine from an embodied awareness.

  • Terminal poetics : We start communicating with our electronics and with each other. What can we do ?
  • Attent !on som(t)a(c)tics : With the micro movements of our bodies when using our devices, we improvise and explore forms of embodied emancipation within a digital context.
  • Electromagnetic computer music : The radiation of our devices is transformed into noise. By operating basic software, computer music happens in the most literal, physical sense.
  • Meditation with computer : Mindfulness technics will connect the processes at work in our minds with our computer processes.

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A. Goldenberg (CA) is a sociologist artist crossing disciplines and practices.
P. Gustin (FR) works with text and source code, immersed in the flux of the digital universe.
V. Vuksic (CH) works on an acoustical experience of computer logic becoming real.
E. Hardy (CA) is a dancer and somatic educator interesting in the poetics of everdaylife movement.

Attent!on som(et)actics
 un projet de workingstill-stillworking

Série d’ateliers supportant une réflexion et des propositions émancipatrices sur l’attention portée à notre corps dans nos rapports (intimistes, libérateurs, créatifs ou contraignants) à nos outils de communication.

Attent!ion Som(t)a(c)tic is a workshop serie to reflect upon our physical and physiological relationships toward our communication tools.

Here the list of workshops:

Here the recolted material

In a kind of somatic confessional, participants are first brought to describe their (intimate, pleasant, difficult or binding…) relationships with their computers and to propose ways of subjugating those routines. Those confessions will work as an opportunity to gather participants confidences about their work habits and to suggest some ideas for both individual and structural empowerment.  The series of workshops encompasse exercises and explorations guiding the participants to question the governance of their workplace and the relationships they maintain with their communication tools. They are invited to explore avenues of creative empowerment by suggesting techno-humanists thematic improvisations.


Les ateliers ont pour objectif d’explorer nos rapports somatiques aux usages de l’informatique. C’est notamment l’occasion de susciter une réflexion personnelle et collective passant par le corps. Par le biais d’exercices et d’explorations guidées, les participant.e.s parcourrent ainsi des questionnements sur la gouvernance de leurs lieux de travail et sur les rapports entretenus avec leurs outils de communication (notamment mobiles et portables). Ils et elles sont ensuite invitées à explorer des avenues d’émancipation créative par des suggestions d’improvisations techno-humanistes.


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